Title: Last Minute Replacement Call for Vyvian in The Young Ones: Armed and Stupid


This is a last minute call for an actor to play VYVIAN Basterd in THE YOUNG ONES ARMED AND STUPID. This is very special project that is a British adaptation of the never aired/unsold American 1990 remake of THE YOUNG ONES – the cult 80’s sitcom.

Full details of the project are on the facebook page which you will see once you apply.

We are desperately seeking an actor to play Vyvian. The dates are WEDNESDAY 13TH and THURSDAY 14TH. There is some scope we can also do some work possibly on the 15th. Even if you can only do 1 day it would help.

We do not have a massive budget, but can cover travel expenses.
Summary of Benefits
– Super Short film time (1 hour or less)
– Imdb Credit
– Chance to be in something that will be alot of fun and likely attract a fair bit of attention for what it is.
– Promo Advertising Shots/Plenty of Stills photos.

The owner of this listing has agreed to abide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act. Find out more

Vyvian Basterd

Vyvyan Basterd is a psychopathic punk metal medical student. Described as a “Ruthless and sadistic maniac” by Rick, he regularly attacks both Rick and Neil with pieces of wood, cricket bats and other objects such as frying pans, hammers and kettles. The only person who is safe from his extreme violence and cruelty is Mike whom he greatly respects, looks up to and tries to impress

Males, aged 18 to 32 from Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience
  • Ethnicity:
    White / Caucasian
  • Skin colour:
  • Hair colour:

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