Several lead and supporting roles are yet to be cast for the feature film

About “13 Miles”

The film is a sports drama about a triathlon. Cora, an amateur runner dealing with a messy breakup with Trevor, her boyfriend, finds confidence and inspiration and starts training for the professional triathlon.

Casting Calls for many roles in “13 Miles”

The production company is looking for talented actors and models to fill 8 roles (lead and supporting) for the movie. If you are interested in becoming a part of the film, then you should check out the casting calls details below:

Cora (Lead Role)

Cora is a sweet  woman who does not have any direction of her own because she is waiting for her boyfriend Trevor, who is also a professional athlete to win the World Championship. Trevor promised Cora that after that, he will retire and start a new life with her. But the two separate due to unforeseen circumstances and for a while, Cora does not know what to do with her life anymore. She starts running for comfort, and eventually discovers that she could do so much more.

If you want to play the role of Cora, then you must be a female between 20- 30 years old.

Darcy (Supporting role)

Darcy is a cool, surfer type guy who is also the owner of a store that sells running shoes. He is athletic and has a running club for amateur runners. He likes Cora and invites her to join his group. He is in his mid 30s.

Lexi (supporting role)

Lexi is Cora’s sister and is a caring, hardworking, and energetic young woman. She wants Cora to distract herself from her breakup and focus on the family baking business. She is a professional baker. If you want to play Lexi, then you should be a female in her 30s.

Vanessa (Supporting role)

Vanessa is a reporter at the triathlon, she is strong and ambitious, but she also has a playful side to her. Vanessa is between 25- 30 years old.

Oliver (Supporting ole)

Oliver is Trevor’s friend and coach, but he is looking for young people to coach, and this puts a strain on his relationship with Trevor. He is aged between 40 – 45 years.

Howard (supporting role)

Howard is a fun loving race volunteer. He is also kind and supportive and finishes the marathon for the first time. He is also excited to walk his daughter down the aisle. Howard is in his 50s.

Agatha (supporting role)

She is a friendly old woman in her 70s and an amateur competitor. Her nervousness for the competition does not deter her from completing the race.

Zac (Supporting role)

He is a young athlete in his early 20s who joins Oliver. It is clear that Zac is talented, and his competitive nature helps him with his game.

How to apply for any role in the film “13 Miles”

If you are interested in applying for any of these roles, then you should send an email to with the following details:

  • 1-2 headshots
  • Your resume
  • Link or reel of your recent work
  • The role you want to play

This is a paid job and the filming will begin in Vancouver in July 2016

If you want more information on the roles, then you can visit


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