We are filming a music video for a local artist that is being pushed overseas, and are looking to fill one key role for the video.

The shoot date is currently tentatively set for Tuesday 5th April 2016. This could potentially change to a later day in the same week like Thursday 7th or Friday 8th April. Please advise availability for those days too just in case the shoot needs to be moved for production reasons.

This is the key role we’re looking to fill:

We’re after an 18-21 year old female who primarily is an actor and secondary is a dancer/model. She’s naturally pretty and quite attractive and fit when it comes to her looks. However, when it comes to her character and quality; she’s able to be sexy, seductive and manipulative, but she can equally be sweet and alluringly adorable when she wants to. She’s the type of girl who gets what she wants, and when things don’t go her way, she’ll do anything to get it back. She essentially is the catalyst that has rendered our lead male, who is the artist, into a state of despair and tries to maintain her power over him as he works to emotionally heal and grow from this poisonous relationship. She is metaphorically speaking a black widow.

If you feel you’re the right candidate for the above role, we’d love to hear from you.

Please kindly ensure you have a showreel and photo cv to send to us to review.

Thank you.


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