Title: Lead Female Wanted

This film is about a young women named Clarissa Walker that suffers from insomnia. The film shows Clarissa going from sleeping to her sleep deteriorating to show her distorted reality she lives in. The story will take place over three days to let the distortion set in, each day getting more strenuous. When it hits day three it will show how reality is a blurred line and your body starts to malfunction. The night of day three, Clary will sleep and it will come back to day one to show the effect and how it never ends.

Currently there is no dialogue, there might be a voice over but shall be decided during shooting.

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Female Lead

Clarissa suffers from sleep deprivation.
She has a job in and office and her days seem very repetitive.
Single and lives alone
Mature and very serious
Keeps to herself
Try to look her best, but has faults in her look (bitten nails, hair not completely tied back)

Females, aged 18 to 30 from Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience
  • Languages:

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