My Wonderful Day
Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Sue Turner & Victoria Vinson

Audition Date: Tuesday April 12th 7pm
Audition and rehearsal and performance location:

About the Play: An unwell Winnie accompanies her heavily pregnant mum to clean the house of Kevin Tate, a philandering, television personality. For the next few hours Winnie will amass plenty of material for her homework essay ‘My Wonderful Day’, as a variety of adults parade before her: Kevin’s PA/mistress, his vengeful wife, and the hung over family friend. As events reach a frenzied climax, Winnie’s essay will speak volumes.

The play is set in North London in the modern day. Auditioning with an English accent could be beneficial.

Other Characters:
Winnie: A silent watchful child. [Winnie is to be played by an adult, age range 18-25. Someone who is able to embody the characteristics of a nine year old]
Laverne: Winnie’s mother. Heavily pregnant. House cleaner of Mr Tate. She is a Dreamer and optimist.
Tiffany: Upbeat and energetic PA and mistress to Mr. Tate.
Josh: Separated father of 1 carrying a huge hangover. Good friend of Mr. Tate.
Paula: Mr. Tate’s disgruntled and vengeful wife. Known for her temper.

Rehearsals: start Tuesday 26th April at 7:30pm. Rehearsals will be every Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 7pm.
Preview: Sunday 24th July
Opening Night: Friday 29th July
Run: every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night from 29th July to 3rd September
Sunday Matinees: 31st July, 14th august, 28th August

For audition pieces or any questions please apply here


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