Title: Lead Roles in Music Video

We are making a music video and require some lead talent for a narrative portion of the video.
The video will entail a one night shoot. We are aiming to document youth living in the city at night.
They’ll explore the city hangout with friends. They get up to a little of bit trouble.
We will be shooting documentary style but shaping a story – following our cast on a night out in the city.


We are looking for a group of Guys and Girls Aged between 18 – 26. All roles have potential to be leads based on energy bought to the roles.
We want people who can bring serious attitude to the screen. They should have an alternative or perhaps slightly edgy look. Think Punks / Rock’N’Rollas. Not necessarily stereotypical.
Could this be you? Let us know and we will send you more info and organise a casting session that will allow us to screen test potential cast together.

Any gender, aged 18 to 26 from Auckland, New Zealand

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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