Casting directors are casting for a movie that will premiere on the Lifetime Network.  They are looking for actors and models to play friends for in a scene set to film in November.  Producers are seeking all different types of actors ranging from 15 – 45 years old.


Lifetime Network was established in 1984 and has since catered to teenage viewers and families.  As of July 2015, approximately 95,020,000 American households (81.6% of households with television) receive Lifetime.  It is a network that most households have.  As an actor on Lifetime you will appear on the network right away rather than people going to the theaters to see your movie.


To audition for a role on the upcoming Lifetime Network project, check out the casting call details below.


High-school kids: Actors 16 – 18 to play characters inside a high school.

Skaters: Actors 17 – 25 to play skateboarders and bikers.

Hockey players: Actors 25 – 32 to play in a hockey game.

Secretary: Male 25 or female 19 – 25 to play an office secretary.

Government officials: Actors 35 – 55

Pool attendants: Actors 17 – 25

Random extras for crowd: Actors 17 – 25

Protesters: Actors 20 – 55

Lifetime Network is remaking the motion picture “Beaches”, which explores the story of two lifelong female friends.  We are looking for models and actors to appear in the reboot of the movie.  This is a great opportunity to appear in a Lifetime movie!

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