We’re looking for an actor of any origin who has previous acting experience to play a role in a feature film with our co stars.

Your character called by the name (Ben) is the boss of an accountant agency who is engaging a conversation with our cos star in the manor of professionalism.

It’s a total of about one min scene on screen. We’re looking at a maximum of three hours of filming, the day will be Saturday 05-03-2016 -11 -30pm. estimated finishing time will be 3pm. The location is 67 Stubbs street, Kensington

We are looking for someone to share a great onscreen chemistry with our co-stars. Your performance as a boss for the agency will stand out in this particular dramatic scene.

The film will be submitted to film festivals.

You’ll definitely get a copy of your scene within a two month time for your show-reel.


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