Title: Looking For Cartoon Artist to Help With tShirt Design

Wheely Wacky Adventures is a Youtube project run by two Auckland girls, Alicia Kapa and Leah Stewart.

The project aims to promote disability and accessibility awareness. We have two goals: 1. To show people with disabilities how it is possible to get out there and live your life to the fullest, and 2. To show everyone that having a disability doesn’t necessarily make a person different from their peers, and we should be working harder to create more inclusion, by doing things like making everywhere accessible for people in wheelchairs or with mobility needs.

We have been running this project for almost a year now and we have started off really well on Youtube and have attracted attention from some organisations who we are now working with to help us with our ideas.

We have a few dedicated Youtube and Facebook fans who have been asking us to get some tshirts made. We have been wanting to get this in the pipeline for so long now, but because of the gradient nature of our logo, it is too expensive to print tshirts with this on, so we have instead decided to go with screen printing, which means using only one or two colours. SO, we have decided that we would love a cartoon of what it is that we do best – really wacky adventures! We do have an idea in mind of what this will look like and include, we just need a talented artist like yourself to make this a reality for us.

We are unable to provide payment for this work at this stage, but you will be credited on our channel and Facebook page and there is an opportunity for future paid work once we look into getting more tshirts made.


All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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