“It is the Blessed Unrest that keeps us marching on”
That is a quote by Martha Graham that I live by, an idea that I think every true artist lives by. We keep desperately searching for creative satisfaction and never truly finding it, making the search eternal.

Hey Artists!
I am an actor from New York City, just moved to Melbourne a few weeks ago (like a week and a half) and I want to get to work. I have formal and esteemed theatre training and have worked professionally in New York for 3 years. During that time I was head writer and producer of a Improv/Sketch company for two years and wrote and produced two shows one which I directed and the other I starred in.
I can’t offer you much, I cant offer money or even a date of performance but what I can offer is scripts, ideas, energy and perhaps opportunity to utilize the acting tools you already have. I want to create a company of gifted, passionate and brave actors who just want to work. I want a group of people who will support each other and generate ideas and energize each other to keep their creative wheels turning. I would like this to be a place where you can showcase your talent in front of peers, read and hear any scripts you may be working on, workshop them and work together to find your pieces and talent a home.
Ideally my idea is to spend a month or two generating written material and rehearsing it and then finding venues to perform it in. The sketch company I was in in NYC performed in bars and music spaces, I would be happy to search for something like that or audition the company we create into comedy/theatre/improv nights around the city.
As I said, I just recently arrived and am testing the waters of theatre here and am personally looking for representation/work/creative outlets etc so I thought why not find out if there’s more of us out there and see if we can do something together.
I’ve got a few ideas about meeting/rehearsal spaces that would be super cheap but I’m still getting lost getting to CBD so these spaces will probably change in the early stages. Eventually I’d like to find a proper home for us.
So if you’ve got a deep creative itch and just want a space to scratch you’re right for this. If you believe you’re a theatre artist with the ability to give something truly special to the world but haven’t found any one or place that will take it, you’re right for this. If you want to meet and create alongside other passionate, hardworking artists, you’re right for this.
Let’s stop thinking and waiting and start doing.


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