Title: Looking for Millennials to tell their “adulting” story

Name of Project: Adulting: Real Story
Type: Short Video
Rate: uncompensated
Usage: Web in perpetuity for Insurance Company
Shoot Date: 4/28 in/around your home/area

Looking for men and women who have an extraordinary “adulting” story. What do we mean by an “adulting first” story?
– A young entrepreneur getting her first paycheck from her start-up that just became profitable
– A single father starting his first day back in school after leaving college to raise his child
– An adventurous millennial quitting his/her first corporate job to work for a non profit/charity/organic farm/something totally different.

Please apply along with:
– A recording of your story (approx 3-5 minutes – no longer) and answer the following questions.

– Tell us about yourself (name, where you live, age, personality, education)

– What does it mean to be an adult and do you feel like one now?

– Tell us your interesting adulting story – first job/first ____

– What are the emotions you went through during that time?

– What’s some advice for someone in college who’s about to graduate and enter this next transition in their lives?

– Do you have friends/family members/office mates who might be willing to be on camera and help tell your story?

– Are you comfortable having parts of your house/office space on camera?


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