Title: Looking for Two Female Characters 20-28 for Sci Fi short

I am looking to cast two female characters for a short I am making. Think Primer meets Bill and Ted.

The first is something of a scientist and inventor of sorts, the other is her friend and wing woman. They’re about to travel to another dimension together and forever change the universe. Exciting stuff right?

I am particularly interested in the dynamic and chemistry that the two characters have with one another. If you know or have worked with anyone previously that you got on famously with or have a good relationship with, and would be interested in auditioning together, please let me know as it would be of great help.

Having said that, don’t let that put you off. That’s a bonus, not a dealbreaker.

Please send reels, the more stuff I can see the better. I’m looking for personality primarily.

I will do my best to respond to all messages, if for whatever reason I don’t please don’t be offended and if we ever meet in person feel free to tell me off and I will try and make it up to you.

Payment is work for work (I self shoot, edit, illustrate, animate, and am quite good with photoshop for example)

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