Hi, I am currently studying at VCA, and am shooting a short film March 27th-29th. This will be done outside my coursework. All major roles have already been cast, but I am in need of an actor on the 28th to do a brief speaking role. This role on requires a few lines, but I intend on entering the film into the festival circuit, so it would be a good opportunity to gain some exposure and experience, and something for your showreel.
Please include some sort of contact details in the application.

Unnamed Man

In this scene the protagonist has just stolen a bike from out the front of your house. As she is riding away, you chase her down the street, yelling out to her. The dialogue involves a lot of swearing. Despite this being a serious scene, there is comedic relief in the interaction between the two. This role should only require a few hours at night.

Males, aged 50 to 99 from Victoria, Australia

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience
  • Languages:

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