This is a short student film for a project of about 5-6 minutes, with a working title called Above Suspicion. It will be somewhat of a hybrid of genres, romance and thriller. The story will start off with a couple who are notably in love, and will follow the conventions and stereotypes of a typical romance film. The couple will be discussing their wedding, they’ll be going on dates in restaurants, having a picnic, etc. Until it reaches the climax where we learn something isn’t quite right about this couple. These scenes will be replayed and the male character will no longer be in the scenes, causing the female character’s sanity to be questioned, for the final scene we will see the female has actually kidnapped a complete stranger and has imagined up an entire relationship with him and he struggles to get free. It won’t be heavily dialogue based, but we do have a script which we’ll happily send if you’re interested. 
Shooting will need to be done ASAP, as actors dropped out at the last minute. Apologies for short notice.
Preferably would like to have filming done between the dates of 30th March and 4th April, whichever dates may suit the actor. As the film is short, we aim to only take two days maximum to complete filming.

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