Title: Male Extra Required for “Charity” Viral Shoot in Central London

Male extra/actor required for “guerilla/secret camera style” viral shoot in central London. Must be comfortable wearing a costume and happy to approach/interact with members of the public add-lib style. Sense of fun, humour, energy, spontaneity required as un-scripted. This is for a well known charity and should be lots of fun. Please send photo and relevant links. Casting Monday 11th for shoot April 13th.

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Male actor/Extra

You’ll be required to wear a funny costume and approach members of the public whilst being secretly filmed. Sense of fun, confident, spontaneous nature required!

Males, aged 28 to 50 from London, United Kingdom

  • Height:
    172 cm / 5ft 8in – 187 cm / 6ft 2in
  • Acting experience:
    Extra – Previous paid speaking roles
  • Languages:

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