Title: Male Models wanted for Fashion Video and Hair Commercial

Male models wanted for fashion video and hair commercial

We are looking for talented male models/ dancers/ actors to star in our upcoming fashion video ‘NARCISSUS’. The project is designed to showcase and celebrate mens beauty and creative hair fashion in form of an abstract video clip. An alternate cut of the project will serve as a hair commercial for EGO BARBERS, a group of advanced hairstylists specialising in mens hair.

We need male models that knows how to MOVE. There is no dancing involved, but we need guys who can INTERACT, FLIRT and SEDUCE the camera. Be confident and comfortable SHIRTLESS – and PANT-LESS for some parts of the video. We also need our models to have THICK MID-LENGTH HAIR, as we need to give the stylists something to work with.
(*An indication of your current hair length along with your application would be helpful!)

In terms of hairstyling, we would like to offer the barbers the option to give the models a slight trim if possible, but keeping your length as it’s more of a styling showcase rather than a haircut showcase, and it is the length we want to play with. This will be negotiated with each individual model.

Male models interacting with each other and female models in various abstract settings to be shot in slow motion in a studio.

This will result in a ONE FULL DAY shoot on the 30th of OCTOBER.

The video is for online video promotion and showreel material for instant use. We would also like to offer to cut together separate short showcase videos for each individual male model for their showreel use.

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