Title: Mama Bear Casting in AIKEN SC Commercial shoot Casting Call.
Date: 11 April 2017 8:24 pm

Mama Bear Casting in AIKEN SC

Commercial shoot Casting Call

6 small speaking roles

Filming on MAY 4th in Aiken, SC

$125 flat rate for 8 hour day (call times TBD) (Google city before submitting, it’s between Augusta GA and Columbia
SC) prefer local hires

See photo attached for reference


Refer to below Character Breakdown and submit with correct Subject line **Incomplete submissions will be deleted

**Video auditions may be requested Please submit for multiple roles if you fit multiple descriptions



*NAME PHONE#, CITY you live in or would be coming from *AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT *ALL clothing sizes to include shoe size *Acting Resume (this is for speaking roles, need to know you have some acting chops)

3 RECENT photos (1 shoulders up, 1 waist up, 1 full body) No sunglasses, no other people in the picture with you, no distracting background, just plain wall behind you.

Cell phone pics are fine (no large files) YOU MAY SEND 1 Demo reel of less than 2 mins, if you have one ***Email to: mamabearcasting@gmail.com


1) Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith)

Caucasian Male middle age, average height and build, classic hairstyle, nothing too trendy, clean shaven, easy going and friendly attitude and demeanor

Subject Line: Andy


2) Barney Fife (Don Knotts)

Caucasian Male, Middle age, thin and smaller stature, clean shaven, classic look, expressive in both facial features and body language

Subject line: Barney


3) Opie Taylor ( young Ron Howard)

Caucasian Boy 7-11 yrs old, simple look, non trendy hairstyle, mild-mannered, friendly demeanor

Subject line: Opie


4) Aunt Bea (Frances Bavier)

Caucasian Female, older looking (60+) classic style, “pleasantly plump” body frame, kind and grandmotherly demeanor

Subject line: Aunt Bea


5) Floyd “the Barber” Lawson (Howard McNear)

Caucasian Male, 50+ age range, average height, small to average build, classic look, Facial hair very simple,small mustache, enough hair to “slick back, old fashioned style”

Subject line: Floyd


6) Goober Pyle (George Lindsey)

Caucasian Male, late 30’s – 40’s, average height and build, clean shaven, classic but quirky look, able pull off that big ol’ friendly grin.

Subject line: Goober

Project Description: Family friendly style commercial to look similar to a scene from That beloved show that took place in a town called Mayberry.


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