New Yorker punched in the face for looking like Shia LaBeouf.

Shia LaBeouf may not be the most popular actor in Hollywood. And the actor does have a reputation for getting himself into trouble. But, someone’s hatred for Sha LaBeouf went a little overboard over the weekend in New York City.

A New York man was assaulted over the weekend because he looked like Shia LaBeouf. According to Gothamist, Mario Licato, 26, was sucker punched on his way to the Lower East Side because he looked like Shia LaBeouf.

When Licao asked why he was punched, the suspect said “because you look like Shia LaBeouf,” according to the police report.

Licao also posted a picture to social media showing his injuries adding: “I wanna thank the guy who randomly decided he needed to hit me last night. ‘This happened bc you look exactly like Shia labeouf’. Well sir you boosted my self esteem bc he’s p hot.”

This is not the first time Licao has been mistake for LaBeouf. “I’ve been stopped on the street before, at least 10 times in my life,” he told Gothamist.

Shia LaBeouf

But, Licato wants answers. “I wanna know what Shia LaBeouf did to [the suspect],” Licato told Gothamist. “What did Shia LaBeouf do to him that he punched somebody that looks like him? He must have did something so mean. Did he steal his girlfriend? Did he just see his last performance art piece?”

The suspect is still at large and if captured will be charged with misdemeanor assault.

Via Gothamist


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