Title: Marinella Hume Casting Atlanta The Originals is back in Pre-Production! Conyers, GA
Date: 1 July 2017 4:04 pm

Marinella Hume Casting Atlanta

Hey Gang, The Originals is back in Pre-Production!

If you are interested in being an extra or stand in on season five send us a submission email including…


Phone Number

Email Address



All Clothing Sizes & Measurements

Current City (Distance to Conyers, GA)

3 Photos (In focus, and color)

(Unedited Cell Phone Photos work Great!)


-Full body

Any previous roles on the show?

Optional: Car Info (photo, color, make, model, year)

Optional: Any special skills or interesting experience?

Some examples include; dance, military, medical, musical,

or stand in experience.

Send emails to: mhc.originals@gmail.com

***Choose the best fitting subject line from below.****

1. Subject Line: Fresh Face

-For those who have never worked on the Originals.

2. Subject Line: Featured Repeat

-For those who have worked on the show before and been featured as a specific group. (Include group or scene description in email.)

3. Subject Line: Repeat

-For those who have worked on the show, but in more universal scenes. Example: Street Pedestrians, NOLA locals, etc.

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If you worked last season, you must resubmit with updated pictures and info.

We will not begin casting until approximately the end of July, because we do not have any work dates yet.

These submissions are so I can start prepping and see who wants to work on the show.

Once I have work dates, I will send availability checks to some people who have submitted to this email, and post all casting calls on Marinella Hume Casting’s facebook page.

So stay tuned!

Reminder: We handle extras casting on the Originals, so please do not apply if you are looking for speaking roles on the show.

We will delete your email.

Rate: Typically $64/8

Location: Usually around Conyers, GA

P.S. If you saw yourself on the show feel free to email screen shots! Behind the scenes photos are usually frowned upon so remember to be smart, don’t ask actors for photos, and don’t get sued.

Can’t Wait to Work With You!

Dashia Wathen


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