Title: Marty Siu Casting UNDERGROUND: Casting New Faces! “10 Navy Guys”, Caucasian Men. Savannah, GA
Date: 13 November 2016 | 1:22 pm


Marty Siu Casting

UNDERGROUND: What a busy busy week its been on Underground, Season Two! We’ve been filming 2 units for nearly 2 weeks and the background actors have been amazing, and a joy to work with as always. We are all tired, and I want to say thank you all for your constant hard work, dedication, long hours, talent, and joyous spirits. We appreciate each of you! 🙂
Sometime next week (we’re not sure which day yet) we’ll need some NEW FACES. We’ll need “10 Navy Guys”, Caucasian Men, with appropriate hair cuts (or willing to get cut) to represent Navy men of the 1800s.
We’d like to start fitting some of you today and tomorrow.
If you fit this description, please let us know asap:
Pay rate: $68/8 (plus a hair cut bump).
Background actors need to be local to Savannah GA, or can work as a local (meaning you have local friends/family that you can stay with) as production will not pay for travel.
To apply please follow these steps A.S.A.P.
#1.) Please create a profile at www.makescenes.com, using the activation code: railroad. If you already have a makescenes.com profile, simply add the new code to be registered for this show: add the code, “railroad”, then click “add project”, then click “save info” (code = railroad). BE SURE TO UPLOAD A PHOTO! We can only book you if we can see what you look like (photo does not need to be professional, just current. A current cell phone photo is fine).
#2.) Email us at: undergroundextras@gmail.com with the heading of the role in which you are applying: ex: “Navy Guy”.
Here is a trailer to season one:
Thank you.


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