We are looking for a diverse group of men in London with interesting stories to tell for a documentary-style project. We want to hear what you think being a man actual means, and what’s important to you. We want to understand how men support each other – tell us about your friends. There is no ‘right or wrong’ candidate for this project. We want to hear from men of all backgrounds and places to learn about their perspectives, priorities, interests and passions.

If you think that you would be a good match for us, please send a message with a little bit about yourself and what makes you tick. We are keen to hear from:
– football fans and people who play football with their friends
– real groups of friends
– real couples (so if you have a partner that would be interested, let us know)
– men and their fathers – would your father be interested in speak with us too, or are you a father yourself?
– people with interesting or unusual jobs

Be sure to include anything that is particular to you – and we mean anything! For instance… Are you the eldest of a large family? Or do you have an unusual hobby? Have you never missed a home game? Have you ever had to look after someone you love? Do you have a good nickname? Big detail or little detail – it’s all interesting to us. Tell us something about your and your friends – what do you guys do to support each other?

Auditions and meet-ups will take place over the next few weeks, and filming will follow shortly after. We may ask for self-tapes.

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