Title: Model Required for Bohemian Type Fashion Shoot at Boggo Road Gaol

I am doing a student shoot at the Boggo Road Gaol on Tuesday the 19th April. The type of person I am looking for does not have to be a traditional ‘beauty’ but I would prefer blonde, strawberry blonde or even a redhead.
I am looking to use bohemian type fashion – loose, flowing and in either light or dark plain colours. If you don’t have the clothes that is not a problem,but it would be great if you did. The shoot will be in the morning for two hours- no times confirmed yet – but between 8 and 11am. I am very happy to share digital files with you for your portfolio or whatever. I am working to get that contrast between the flow of the clothes and the starkness and grittiness of the old gaol. There will be another photographer also shooting at the same time doing his own shoot.
You would be required to do your own minimal make up- I am looking for a natural look – before the start time as we can only book the gaol for two hours. If you are interested I can send you my mood board before the end of the weekend (I need to finish it off first!).
It is very important that the person booked for this shoot does not bale out at the last minute as we have had to pay to shoot in the gaol and we will not be able reschedule, so your reliability will be crucial.


Looking for a blonde, strawberry blonde or redhead – straight or curly I don’t care but need it to be at least shoulder length and just natural – no fancy treatment.
Height does not matter. Size 8 – 12 is fine.

Females, aged 18 to 27 from Queensland, Australia

  • Modeling experience:
    Beginner, starting out – Part-time model – paid commercial work
  • Maximum Weight:
    65 kg / 143 lbs
  • Hair colour:
  • Hair length:
  • Dress Size:
    8 – 12

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