Previous voice over or game work is required.
Confidence in front of a microphone is a must.
Great opportunity on a high profile job and may lead to further recording opportunities.

Trailer record: Wed 6th and Thurs 7th April
Auditions: 13th, 14th, or 15th April
Feature record: 3rd-20th May

Using the role breakdown , we want your interpretation of the character’s voices, reading the lines below:


“Can I come in or not? (smiles)
I’m here so… we could talk. (inhale) The last time I wasn’t fair to you.
I didn’t listen, I really thought… you sent that email. Now I know it wasn’t you.
Yeah. He called me. He asked me to meet and… explained everything.
Neither do I. We shouldn’t treat each other like this, that’s why I came.
Yeah, well…(inhale) I wish I hadn’t deleted that other email. So…
(smiles) Uh… Hold on.
Hello? Yeah. Hi, Pablo. Okay… yeah, yeah, but… what, right now?
Well, I’ll be there soon. I’m going to the garage. Okay. Bye.
I need to go. But I’ll see you later, if that’s okay.
Same for me.
So, it turns out that Herman sent the email to me by accident. Are you listening?
Yeah, I know. You’re emailing and replying to all of your fans. I get it.
Oh, you’re ridiculous. Hey.
Hey, how are you?
Then we should have a farewell party. Yeah? It can be in the garage.
Yeah, you’re welcome. We just have to organize it. Andrés, can you tell Pablo and Broadway that today’s rehearsal is going to be cancelled?
All right, perfect. My house, then. Eh… You want to go buy some supplies?”

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Accent: Neutral U.S accent (L.A)

Violetta’s boyfriend. When it appears that he is cheating on his girlfriend, he comes off as arrogant and conceited, however once she has left him, and it becomes clear that he was innocent, he is discouraged and forlorn. He is determined to get her back and prove that he truly cares for her.
Voice Details: Young and expressive; sincere and smooth.
Voice Reference:


Males, aged 20 to 30 from United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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