MTV is casting for their new reality documentary series called, Curious in Love.  It is a series exploring our strange addiction and need for love and why we like what we do.  They say opposites attract, but why is that so? And is that really true?  These are the types of questions that the series will dive into.


The show will feature real people who are in a relationship but who are curious about exploring and answering personal questions. This is the opportunity to take part in a life-changing, thought-provoking and true-to-life social experiment that will help you learn about yourself.

MTV has been around since it launched in 1981 on American Cable.  It has since expanded and is not in 92, 188, 000 households in the United States.


MTV is looking to cast several different roles for the upcoming series:

Happy Couples: Couples with no major or glaring issues.  Maybe this is a new relationship, but that’s okay.  You can see nothing hindering your progress and as far as you know they are the one.

Struggling Couples: Couples that do have several issues.  No couple is perfect, but you are definitely on the rocks.

New Couples: Couples that just started.

Long Term Relationships: Couples that have been together for at least three years.

All Types of Couples: Lesbian, Gay, Straight; all couples are welcomed! We want to hear your story!

This is a great opportunity to share your story on a well-known network.  The series will last several months, and it may even help you re-evaluate what you are going through.  You will also receive credit as an actor that you can add to your portfolio.

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