Filming a horror short in January/February timeframe of C.A.Milson’s horror novella, “She’s Not So Ordinary”

What we are looking for is music to go with the film, such as:
Background music or performance
Music for ending credits

As part of the audition process this is the breakdown for this audition process:
* All work must be original and previously unreleased
* Preferably band must be currently unsigned
* Submit your original piece as part of your interest
* Shortlisted bands/musos will be invited to “pitch” their music to our team at a later date (October/November). Venue will be advised at later date
* As part of the offer, band/artist selected will also have their album selected to be released through our business for digital distribution in 2017, and standard royalty rates will apply for a duration of 3 years.

Applications with no demo music will be ignored

Apply now


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