NBC’s new TV series Shrink is looking for actors for a reboot of an old show.  It will begin filming at the beginning of next week and will premiere sometime in late 2017.  Casting directors need experienced and inexperienced extras for multiple roles!


Shrink starts Tim Baltz as a medical graduate that quits his residency and quickly finds himself unemployed with a huge amount of student debt.  With his life taking a new path, he thinks of the easiest way possible to earn the most amount of money fast.  Baltz finds a loophole and becomes a therapist using his medical student records and takes advantage of thousands of clients.  The show is a hilarious and interesting take on finding your way so that you can support yourself and your family.

Amy Poehler from Parks and Recreation is rumored to make an appearance in Shrink.

Shrink won The Best Comedy Pilot award at the New York TV Festival in 2012 when it was a web series.  NBC recently picked the show back up to premiere on their new steaming site called, Seeso.  Seeso is NBC’s input into the streaming world as they look to compete with heavyweights like Amazon Video, Netflix, and HBO Go.


Open Call: February 18th 2017

An open call is an audition open to any and all actors, models, and talent looking to land a role.  It essentially is an open try out that lets the public impress the casting team without having to call ahead or schedule and audition.

Where: Chicago, Illinois

Pay: Yes

Credit: Yes

This is a great opportunity for you to land a job on a premier network.  The show is bound to be another hilarious series in the NBC catalog of successful shows.  Don’t miss this open chance to start your acting career!

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