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NBC’s new reality TV series Funded will feature entrepreneurs with start-up companies battling for an investment in their business. The show will feature Tyra Banks, Rob Dyrdek and Rohan Oza, they will work as mentors on the show.  It is similar to the well-known show, Shark Tank.

The show will guide entrepreneurs of startup companies, as they pitch their ideas for their chance at up to $1 million.

According to Variety, “In each episode, start-up companies will be paired with one of the three mentors — brand ambassador, media mogul and former supermodel Banks; venture capitalist Dyrdek; or brand builder Oza. At the end of each episode, the start-ups and their mentors will face a venture capitalist in front of a live audience and convince them that their company could be the next great company if they get the fund’s backing and that $1 million cash infusion. Only one start-up per episode can get funded.”

This will be a competitive show much like Shark Tank and it will have viewers cheering for the entrepreneurs in their fight to get their ideas funded.  Millions of people have awesome inventions and items that need a little funding to take off the ground, but it if the mentors do not like the product then they are out of luck.


You must be 18 years or older to apply

Any Ethnicity

Male or Females

Must have unique idea that is worth pitching.  

Must have some business plan 

Would really benefit you if you have already sold some of your product

Casting all over the U.S.

This is a great opportunity for you to expand your bussiness and receive advice and funding from multi millionaires.  You could be the next Rob Dyrdek!  He started as a normal middle class man and worked his way up to becoming a millionaire.  You will learn the tricks of the trade and be apart of a national television show in the process.


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