Title: need a male ‘Thug #1’ to work this Mon, Wed, and Thurs. Savannah
Date: 3 March 2017 | 7:24 pm

Marty Siu Casting


We need a male ‘Thug #1’ to work this Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday –

the director will look at options today and make her decision, so please only apply if you can work all three days. We also need a male ‘Thug #2’ to wrk this Wed and Thursday.

For this Tuesday, we need some ‘Dry Cleaner Employees and Customers’.

If you are available for the above mentioned days to film with us as a background actor, please apply A.S.A.P.
Local to Savannah Ga please.


#1.) Please create a profile at www.makescenes.com, using the activation code: texas. If you already have a makescenes.com profile, simply add the new code to be registered for this film: add the code, “texas”, then click “add project”, then click “save info” (code = texas). BE SURE TO UPLOAD A PHOTO! We can only book you if we can see what you look like (photo does not need to be professional, just current. A current cell phone photo is fine).

#2.) Email us at: galvestonextras@gmail.com with the heading of the role in which you are applying, ex: ‘Thug #1’, ‘Thug #2’, ‘Dry Cleaners’.
Thank you.


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