The Get Down is a Netflix Original series that premiered on August 12th, 2016 exclusively on Netflix.  The show centers around the emerging hip hop scene in the 1970’s.  The 70’s featured the birth of punk rock and hip hop, and this show takes us into what life was like during the transition.  It focuses on a group of teens living in the South Bronx.  As the music around them transforms, so do they.

Casting directors are looking for people to be photo doubles in various scenes.  They specifically are looking for African American men around 18 – 40 years old.  The actors must be around 5 foot 10, but no taller than 6 foot 2.

Job Description

A photo double is someone that has a strong resemblance to a character already cast in a show or movie.  They must match the hair color, body type, eye color, weight, and height of the person they are doubling.  From a distance, a viewer should think that they are the same person.  Photo doubles are used often in shooting scenes such as long shots, back of the head shots, or getting in and out of a car.


African American Men Actors 5’10-6′ around 18-40 years old to Photo Double on the Netflix hit series The Get Down.


Possible shoot dates: Late September

Your Name
Union Status
Phone #
Current sizes: Height, Weight, Jacket, Neck & Sleeve, Waist & Inseam, Shoe
Please attach 2-3 current photos (nothing professional or edited) Full body & Headshot

Again, this is a tremendous opportunity for you to gain experience and impress industry professionals with your acting ability and ability to blend in.  You will be paid for this role and it will look great on your resume.

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