The famous ‘Million Dollar Quartet’ is a musical movie of 1956. The story revolved around four friends; Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins.  They assemble at the Sun recording studio in Memphis, Tennessee. The story is being revitalized and for the miniseries, CMT calls for various roles and extras for the shooting of “Million Dollar Quartet” in Memphis.

The beauty of the vocal cords blended together creates hall of fame sounds and their entertaining demeanor truly put on shows.  In this journey this is plenty of relationship building, relationship tests, and bonding moments that really make this production a dramatic and lovable series.

The miniseries by CMT will highlight the important aspects of the rise of the musicians and their fame which earned the musical a Tony Award. The recording sessions are the prime focus of the miniseries, and along with that there would be different endeavors as they tread on their journey towards stardom. CMT plans to make it an 8 part miniseries that would be aired on CMT in 2016.


Pays $388/wk. Equity SPT 6 Contract.

Rehearsals begin May 17; runs June 2-26 in Amana, IA.


Johnny Cash:  Needs to know how to play the guitar and sound similar to Johnny Cash.  We don’t want this to be a cheesy impersonation role, it should be as authentic as possible.

Age: 20-29

Hurry up and submit your details to be cast for the miniseries based on a famous movie ‘Million Dollar Quartet’, before the opportunity misses you- Who knows this might just be the chance to enter the glamorous world of stardom!


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