Casting directors need movie extras to appear in a new Mel Gibson film set to premier in 2017.  The Professor and the Madman stars Mel Gibson as the creator of the Oxford English Dictionary.  It is a story about how professor James Murray led a committee to establish the book that is still used religiously.


The new movie also stars Natalie Dormer and Sean Penn.  Dormer is most known for her role in Game of Thrones and The Tudors as Anne Boleyn.  She is an English actress that found her knack on premier networks like Showtime and HBO.

Gibson is a very famous actor and filmmaker known for several roles and movies since 1980.  He has won several awards including an Academy Award for Best Picture for the controversial movie, The Passion of the Christ.


Gender: Any.  Casting directors are looking for families, men, and women.  There is not age range for this role as an extra.

Specific roles: Need 4-5 members of an Indian family for a vital scene.

Ages: 13yrs+

Dates of Filming: THURS 3RD NOV for early morning shoot.

Location of Filming: Nationwide and Ireland

This is a great opportunity to appear in a feature film with Mel Gibson and Natalie Dormer.  Both actors started their careers as extras with seemingly unimportant roles, but they gained valuable experience from it.  Every actor starts somewhere, so it is in your best interest to pursue smaller roles before you work your way up to feature roles.  You will meet industry professionals that will teach you what it takes to be successful.

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