‘Homicide Hunter’ is an American documentary television series about a police detective in Colorado.  He was an investigator for 19 years and the documentary focuses on past cases that took place while he was a detective.  It originally debuted in 2011. and it was recently renewed for it’s 6th season.  Casting directors are looking for several different roles to play background extras.


Role: Coroner Any Race or Gender, 40’s+

Needed: Friday 06/03 tentatively 5pm.
Rate: $50/day.

Role: High School Extras.
Any Gender or Race, 14-18 (or look age range)
Needed: Wednesday 06/01 Afternoon.
Rate: $50/day.

Role: Substitute Teacher.
Female, Any race, Appears Motherly, 30’s+
Needed: Wednesday 06/01 Afternoon.
Rate: $50/day.

Role: CSI 2
Any Gender or Race, 40’s+
Needed: Monday 05/30.
Note: This is a holiday shoot day.
Rate: $50/day.

Role: Tattoo Party Guest.
Needed: Friday 06/03 3pm and Saturday 06/04 Night.
Rate: $50/day.

Role: Neighbor Family.
Looking for a family of 4-5. Any Race.
Needed: Tuesday 05/31 11am.
Rate: $75/day.

With your submission – please acknowledge that you understand that filming takes place in Knoxville, TN and that you are willing to accept the local rate role without hotel + travel stipends.

Please submit: Current Photo/Headshot, Agency (Which Agency you are currently signed with) or Free Agent (Free Agent meaning you do not have current representation), Contact Information (Email Address, Phone Number), and Current Location (Example: “I am currently living in Atlanta”.)

Please put HH607 and Role (EXAMPLE HH6071: Family) IN THE SUBJECT LINE. Please do not list any other subjects. Failure to follow above instructions will lead to automatic deletion of submission.

  • Knoxville, TN
  • Male and Female
  • 14-55 y.o.
  • All ethnicities
  • Until 06/03/16


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