Title: One Female Lead / Three Supporting Roles Required for Revenge Thriller

The Project : THE SYNDICATE (Short Film 13 minutes)
Director: Sky Dominic
Producer: Sky Dominic / ISA
Audition: Week of 17th October (dates TBA)
Rehersal: Week of 24th October (dates TBA
Production Date: 3 days – Week of 7th November
Remuneration: This is on a volunteer basis. Expenses paid.


The Syndicate is about a rape victim whose father suffers a stroke during her court hearing. She is offered an opportunity by an underground organisation to bring justice to her rapist, outside of the court system.

A determined Alice and her family endures on going testimonial details of her rape in court. This takes its toll on her father James who suffers a severe stroke paralysing half his body. Wanting to give up, Alice is approached by a secret organisation, The Syndicate who offers her an opportunity to bring justice to her rapist outside of the court system and end their ordeal swiftly.

Alice drops all charges and frees her rapist so that The Syndicate can proceed with the plan. While her mother Angela presses on with the court system of justice and leaving her brother Benjamin bewildered, she is determined to revenge alone and meets her rapist to deliver her own sentencing.

Raised in Sydney and have traveled around Asia working as a Director / Producer / Cinematographer in the commercial and music video world, Sky is currently studying at International Screen Academy developing as a screenwriter and narrative film director. This will be his fourth short film and third collaboration with talented Cinematographer Goldie Soetianto.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.



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