Casting call for obese actor to play the role of Big Pun

The casting directors are searching nationwide for an obese Latino actor to play the role of Christopher Rios (known as “Big Pun”). This is an ongoing nationwide search for any one of the Latino ethnicity who fits the physical description. Please send in your photographs, videos, personal information, contact information and your resumes.

The movie is to be filmed in Los Angeles, but the casting directors invite people from all across the nation as long as they fit the physical description and have a resemblance to Big Pun. If you are selected, the directors will pay for all your travel costs to come to Los Angeles and stay in the city for five days of filming.

About The Role

You will have to play the role of a rapper called ‘Big Pun’. However, no singing or rapping skills are required you will only be asked to lip sync. The main criterion for this role is that you should resemble Big Pun and fit the physical description. You will be paid $5000 for 5 days and the casting directors guarantees your payment, as well as your traveling expenses.

How to apply for the role

Actors who are interested in the role and believe they fit the description , they should do the following As soon as possible:

  • Their photos
  • Their resumes
  • Their reels of previous acting experiences (if any)

The actors who completely submit all their information will be considered and contacted for an online/Skype audition so the directors can analyze their potential for the role.

About Big Pun

Big Pun was a Latino rapper/ hip hop music artist who was very overweight. He released an album called ‘Capital Punishment’ and became the first Latino rapper to go platinum. He died in the year 2000 because of health complications from his obesity.

Important Information

Project Name: Big Pun Film Project


Latino Actor, overweight, needed.

Pay Rate: $5000 Guaranteed (For 5 days of shooting)

Shooting Location: Beverly Hills

For Out of Town Actors:

Travelling Costs will be paid for

What you have to submit

  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • Reel
  • Full Body Pictures

Other Requirements

Latino, Puerto Rican

Should be between 18-40 years old

Must Be around 5’2

You do not need to have any singing or rapping skills as you will only be asked to lip sync. Acting skills are required to imitate Rios’ manners, style and gestures. It would be a plus if you can imitate his voice as well.

To know more about the character, you can either search Big Pun on Google or send an email to miamitalentcasting@gmail.com

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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