For last two years we had a break as we broke apart, but recently we decided to reunite in London to continuing carry out our mission of becoming best acrobats in a world and entertaining people – mostly through films. And this is when we need a passionate filmmaker. We need someone who would skillfully capture our ideas.
As we’re starting from scratch in this country we wouldn’t be able to offer any fee at first, so I guess you would need to approach it as a opportunity for mastering your film making craft. However we are determined to turn it into proper career (huge career!!!) so sooner or later some financial reward would be offered.
Things already has started brewing for us as we recently started collaboration with a MEM Fitness brand, which we are going to do some promotion videos for.
And these videos can be filmed by you giving you a chance to enrich your portfolio.

Drop a line if you are interested.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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