We are looking for a presenter to front a short item about Sydney street food.

We will choose three interesting, unique or outright strange street foods.

The presenter will introduce, sample and explain.

The street food item will end up being about 3-4 minutes of air time, as part of an hour long feature about Sydney, and filming would take about half a day.

The presenter is likely to be a pie fanatic, enthusiastic about calories, batter, pastry and the odd gourmet condiment as well.

We are looking for an enthusiastic gourmand who can deliver with humour. Perhaps channelling Kenny Smyth, but after he has had a few red bulls.

Filming would be about 4 hours on Tuesday 5th of April. Exact times TBC. (Weather days 6th and 7th). No audition but we would need to have a chat over the phone.
Crew will be in Sydney filming from 27th of march. To minimise wasted travel time this would likely suit someone central or east Sydney who can be fairly flexy with time.


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