coming of age, tragedy

Protagonist 18-year-old sociopathic narcissistic girl named Jane. Jane searches for the sense of emotion, during her search she
Befriends Lola whom selflessly saves her. Throughout the drama a series of flashbacks will be shown to piece out the puzzle about Janes mysterious past, the grandma tries to intervene with the peculiar friendship.

2nd lead: Lola, middle-aged volatile eccentric mentally ill women, with a secret. the secret is that she knew jane’s parent’s , they were her friends; so she’s been watching out for jane since her parents death and she is actually jane biological mother, who wasn’t able to raise jane because she was unstable. therefore she left jane with her father and ran .janes father than married another women when jane was 2. jane is unaware of this. lola does end up dying in the end of the drama, but leaves jane a letter revealing the truth.

Antagonist strict Christian grandma raised Jane due to her parent’s untimely death a decade ago, also has a secret, she’s been hiding the letters that jane’s parent left for. until she reached 18.

Jane will be speaking in monologue, so the audience can better understand her feeling and the progression of her feelings therefore enhance the sense of character development.

this is a short monologue of what she say’s in the story:

Fascinated on the idea of two brains colliding, like two minds becoming one.
At times a question why we fall in love? Why we long for companionship? And our existence or our importances of being here; why do we exist?
Exist, yes exist. My desires exist in my dreams, what are my desires? that’s why I rather sleep then be awake, waking up is a burden to me. I shall say no more on the matter.Rather be alone than to be surrounded by group of people pretending to be happy. Rather be in my bed and drift away; creating situation which may not co-occur but very real in my head which make me sound a little crazy.
Crazy is okay, I’m not mad because MAD it’s basically going insane and I’m not insane. I’m just trying to find me by finding me, if that makes sense?
I’m finding parts of me which I didn’t know existed but it’s all in the process of finding out who ‘me’ really is, whatever that means. Have you ever felt stranded in your own mind suffocating yourself with your own thought? I never felt such thing, just intrigued on how it must feel like.

the script is currently in development call me if you are interested, this is just a summary, we will discuss the full story or questions.

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