Title: Producer – Pop/RnB/Disco Funk Wanted

I am looking for a poducer who can create beats in Daley, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, Pharrell style. I want to create a great material to attack Polish and maybe British/German/French/Chinese market but mainly Polish for now as I think there is not enough well done Pop/RnB in my country. I did The Voice of Poland, loads of gigs + few tours including China, Greece, Poland. I can write good melody, harmony + lyrics in Polish and English + pull off some serious vocals including powerfull “falsetto” (head/mix voice). I have a couple of songs written but once I get to hear a great beat writing a lyrics and melody goes very quickly and natural to me.

I would be happy to work with someone on my album as a team or buy exclusive beats for reasonable price.

Check my profile – unfortunately only covers for now but I could show some of my demos to someone who is serious about producing a good piece of music with a guy like me.

I will be happy to meet up or talk to you on skype.

Please send me some samples of your production in the application. The more the better.

If you’re only willing to sell your music please tell me what are your expectations. I am only interested in exclusive beats in good price. If you’re versatile enough I might be able to buy exclusive beats from you for my whole album. Anyway I would prefer to find a producer interested in making music with my kind of singing (high falsetto, strong chest, funky, RnB, soft singing, belts, runs etc) to create something together, share the rights, hopefully tour and make some money too (this shouldn’t be our drive though).

If you need some vocals for your tracks or any type of production please let me know. I have a home recording studio which does a good job.



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