Title: Producer/Co-Producer Wanted For Low Budget Feature Films

Writer looking to collaborate with experienced/emerging producer/s or production coordinator. These films can be realised with low to modest budgets.
There is interest from credited directors and other key creatives although negotiations are dependent on the production entity. Experience with crowdfunding projects could contribute to the budget and dealing with government agencies and MEAA would be a possitive attribute.

This is not a casting call at this stage but an actor ( not gender specific) with major experience in production /executive production should check out these projects.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Needs a degree of experience with production and a willingness to embrace this edgy material. Social media networking an advantage to the production and an independent capacity to oversee the pre-production & production period and realise the project. Post-production contacts and marketing skills would help bring the film/s to an audience and hopefully generate some returns. This requires a genuine colloboration of creative ideas and working principles…[sans ego]

Anyone from New South Wales, Australia

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