The Story is about a lone Hunter who meets a Girl after saving her from a vicious tribe of warriors. He agrees to take her to the other side of the dark forest so that she can get back home to her own clan, but learns of the greener world outside of the forest.
The cultures are inspired heavily by various indigenous cultures, such as the Maori, the Native Americans and people of the Mesolithic period.
The shoot will be on the last weekend in November 30 minutes from Lithgow in the Blue Mountains.

Production Designer

The world is inspired by eras from the Neolithic and Mesolithic times. There are 3 separate tribes to depict: The Hunter, the Girls and the Warrior tribe.
The main location which would need to be dressed up is the camp of the Warriors: Death, sacrifice and violence are central to their culture, so it shows through bones and various ornaments.

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from New South Wales, Australia

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