Title: Quanta Perennial LLC Casting Call for RISERS
Date: 12 April 2017 11:42 pm

Quanta Perennial LLC Casting Call for RISERS – Indie Horror Feature, Greenville SC

Quanta Perennial LLC

Casting Call for RISERS – Indie Horror Feature, Greenville SC

Residents of an idyllic small-town neighborhood start to disappear as an unknown force starts to rise up and take over. A group of teenagers planning on escaping their small-town roots finds themselves running to escape something far more dangerous. John Carpenter meets David Lynch in this high-concept creature feature.

The film is designed to be disturbing, but does not deal with sexual content. It will be seeking an R rating.

Shooting in Mid-June for approximately four weeks. Rehearsals start early June. There will be an ensemble read-through in May. Some actors will be working with contact lenses and makeup. Others will be working opposite practical FX like plastic bag puppets and PVC monster mechanisms. Lead actors should be prepared to spend time covered in fake slime (methylcellulose.) While our SFX unit will be using silicon whenever possible, please inform production of any latex allergies.

At least two leads, Bobby and Derek, will have their heads cast for mold-making.

There are 8 Lead cast members in the core ensemble and a total of 25 speaking roles and 6 background roles. All lead roles are compensated.
Background and extras will receive stipend for food/gas. Actors in the area are preferred. Actors with classical training in movement and voice are preferred.

This film is set in suburbia; any race may apply for any role. Ages are approximate and suggest appearance only. Some roles have familial ties.

KYLE (18) – An observer. Smart and capable. Psychologically stable and dynamic. While he knows the surrounding area and its people well, he chooses to remain anonymous. Eager to pull his own weight.

JENN (17) – Driven and ambitious. Clear sights on being an olympic swimmer. Very athletic, but shorter in stature. Makes no time for friends. Hair is either naturally blonde or has been bleached blonde from so much time in the pool/sun. [Candidate should be comfortable swimming and doing situps and/or pushups.]

MEG (18) – Matured early out of necessity. Reluctant caretaker of her sick mother. Wears glasses but doesn’t seem bookish. Strong, but facing challenges. Life is wearing her down, but she’s not giving up.
Determined. A loyal friend.

STACY (18) – A fireball. Direct, pointed, and probing, she pays only cursory attention to boundaries, consensus, decency, or social convention. She evaluates people and situations quickly. Eager to leave town and start something new.

BOBBY (17-19) – A big lug. Speaks few words, but communicates clearly.
Sort of a smart-ass. Wily but not calculating. Physical. No ambition.
The other half of Chase.

CHASE (17) – Controlled chaos. Unpredictable, quick on his feet, and always composed. Charming. Adaptable. Seems to possess a kind of natural wisdom. A teenage confidence man. The other half of Bobby.

DEREK (13) – Bobby’s younger brother. Kinda spooky. Quietly obsessive and prone to ritual. In no way self-reliant. Derek has a vibe that suggests there are universes inside him that no one else can access or comprehend.

MEG’S MOTHER (56) – Previously a provider for Meg, Meg’s Mother has been stricken by a neurological event. At any given time she may appear as lucid parent, incomprehensible stroke victim, or wide-eyed shamanic prophet.

JENN’S MOTHER (38) – At best a steadfast guide, at worst an overbearing helicopter parent. Registered nurse. Active and driven.
Jenn takes after her.

STACY’S DAD (41) – A harmless goofball. Invested in his daughter’s future completely. Tries to be friendly with Stacy’s friends, but usually ends up being awkward.

PALE WOMAN/MRS. STAPLETON (50’s to 60’s) – A shapeshifting enigma.
Her accent is thick and hard to pin down. She might be the source of the darkness, or she could be the neighborhood’s only guardian. Her ways are obscure and archaic, so it’s hard to tell what she wants.

RED WOMAN (20’s) – A briefly appearing alter-ego of the Pale Woman.
Young, pretty, red hair. Quick cameo opportunity.

JOHN and JANE DOE – A married couple new to the neighborhood. They are suffering through moving and struggling to keep it together.

NEIGHBORLY MAN and NEIGHBORLY WOMAN (40’s-50’s) – A mysterious couple that seems to know more about the neighborhood situation than the other residents. Their appearance tends to be kindly, but that kindliness can go over the edge into an appearance of madness.

LIFEGUARD – Attractive young man working a summer job. Flirts with Jenn.

POOL BOY – Another young man working a summer job. Wants to flirt with Jenn.

Please send your Resume, Headshots, and Clips or Demo Reels to riserscasting@gmail.com or fill out the contact form at risersmovie.com


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