Title: SBS Documentary Looking For Participants

Mindful Media is a production company that focusses on making factual television that is informative, entertaining and useful. Our latest production was Redesign My Brain, with Todd Sampson. It was shown on ABC and Discovery Science US and watched by 50 million viewers worldwide, becoming one of the most watched Australian science documentary series of all time.

We are currently producing a cutting edge science documentary to be shown on SBS, hosted by Yassmin Al-Magied, the Founder Chair of Youth Without Borders. We’re in the midst of casting and looking for someone who is happy to be on camera, can express their point of view with regard to prejudice and multiculturalism in this country, and is willing to be taken on a fascinating journey where will work out ‘who is in the drivers seat, you or your unconscious?’.

We’ll be filming in Sydney from April 15 to 26 (11 days straight). We will be paying the participants $100 per day to cover expenses.

We have a casting questionnaire website at (AVAILABLE UPON APPLICATION) where you can find some more details about the show.


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