Title: Script Editor Required for Drama Feature Film

I’m looking for a script editor of the screenplay, synopsis and treatment of feel good all star young adult friendly ensemble drama ‘In Between the Lines’

It’s a very special project and it’s expected to shoot on location in London.

The plot goes like this: A group of eight friends – Charlie, Stuart, Derek, Raymond, Frances, Jane, Amanda and Lesley are trying to navigate through life while maintaining their friendships in their young adult lives.

Title and credits will appear in the end of this film.

The film’s budget will be medium. This screenplay has been written by Gabby D’lima from the story by myself.

I still need to secure financing for this film. I’m a writer of story ideas. I didn’t produce anything in the past so I’m not a producer.

I would like you to check spelling and grammar by making it into a great corrected script, synopsis and treatment.

When it is done you’ll send the corrected script, synopsis and treatment to me so that I can read it and to see if it’s good.

Then I’ll send it to the producers once I read the script, synopsis and treatment. I haven’t got a plot to follow just stay as it is. What do you think?

The expenses will be covered for script editor. The expenses cover credits, travel expenses and food.

Auditions will begin in June and rehearsals will take place in August.

The shooting will take place on 10th September-20th November 2016 in London in the UK.

Apply Now if you are interested.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The owner of this listing has agreed to abide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act. Find out more


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