Company: 5th Digit Dance
Location: New York, NY
Compensation: Movement Exchange

5th Digit Dance was founded in 2015 under the direction of Cassandra Cotta. We are a small, contemporary dance company/collective and are looking for some help in expanding our horizons while we gear up for our next round of performances at Anita’s Way in Times Square. Ideal candidates will have some connection to dance, be open individuals willing to collaborate and discuss ideas, be likely to think outside the box, be organized and timely, and be someone who likes to have fun and create!

Responsibilities will include:
Creating and organizing a regular email blast
Helping the director sort through dancer schedules/conflicts
Managing social media and upcoming events
Managing website
Grant applications

Prior experience in any and all of these areas is a major plus.

While many of these things can and probably will be handled completely by the intern at some point, you will not be alone ever! Just looking for someone to help in these tasks, not completely take over. 

Hoping to have meetings at least once a week (they can be over the phone, however, depending on what is being done, they may need to be in person), potentially more depending on what is going on.

While there is no monetary compensation at this time (but hopefully with some fundraising and grants, this could change!), Cassandra is happy to trade hours in Pilates classes and dance classes (as they are available) and also to have you join in rehearsals to shadow the dancers and learn some rep. This can be discussed and fleshed out more fully on an individual basis.

If interested, please send a resume and a bit about yourself to Cassandra at

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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