Title: Seven Actors Required For an Exciting New Short Film

I am working on a new short horror film for my internship and this is where you come in. Basically, auditions will be held at the Johnathan Andrews Academy. next week Tuesday and Wednesday (the 29th and 30th of March). It is for a short zero budget film and I strongly believe me and my colleagues are onto something here with this new horror film script. The film is called “CLEAN HANDS” and is set in an asylum.
I need the following to come in and audition:
Nurse Anna: Age: Early 30s, possible age range is 30 – 35.
Physical Description: Young, beautiful, blue eyes, light brown hair, tall, and innocent looking. A slight bruise on her right eye is shown on her face.
Mental Description: Caring, hard-working, bubbly and full of life, trapped in an abusive relationship, sexually active, smart, and ambitious.
Gino: Age: Early 20s, possible age range is 22 – 24.
Physical Description: Young, handsome, innocent looking, tall, light brown hair, blue eyes, and strong facial features.
Mental Description: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, single, hopeless romantic, calm, calculated, sexual problems, narcissistic, and knowledgeable of classical literature and philosophy, and mentally insane.
Warden: Age: early 70s, possible age range is 70 – 75.
Physical Description: Old, short grey hair (on the verge of being bald), wrinkles under his eyes, brown eyes, medium height, and well-suited on a daily basis to assert his authority.
Mental Description: Stubborn, headstrong, very demanding, puts a lot of pressure on his staff to get things done, arrogant at times, never been married with no children, possibly a workaholic, chain smoker, drinks too much whiskey, and possibly an insomniac as he rarely sleeps. His job is his life.
Janine: Age: 40 years old.
Physical Description: Middle-aged, photogenic, brown eyes, long blond hair, tall, and well-dressed no matter the occasion.
Mental Description: Ambitious, professional, possibly married with two children (yet hardly has the time to see them due to the nature of her work), hard-working, career-oriented, and maintains steady composure, yet slightly panicky at times.
Car Guard: Age: late 40s, possible age range is 47 – 52.
Physical Description: Strong, bulky, black eyes, bald, has a goatee, slightly tall, one or two scars on his face (possibly as a result of being assaulted or a war hero).
Mental Description: Hard-working, burnt out, can be slightly aggressive and nervous at times, no desire to climb the corporate ladder, single, and experienced with life (experience is his knowledge).
Policeman Chief: Age: early 50s, possible age range is 50 – 54.
Physical Description: Confident in his looks, slightly stocky, brown eyes, medium sized brown hair with bits of white streak kicking in, clean shaven, tall, and a deep voice.
Mental Description: Believes in the justice system too much, a nervous wreck yet can maintain control of situations at times, a realist, possibly recently divorced, knowledgeable of the psychology and sociology of criminal behavior, and full of experience in the field.
Policemen Savior: Age: late 40s, possible age range is 45 – 49.
Physical Description: Tall, brown eyes, long black hair, very stocky, clean shaven with sideburns, and dressed formally for work purposes.
Mental Description: Hard-working, recently been married with one child on the way, trying to move the corporate ladder, nurturing, protective, can push himself too much to the limit, very clever as he has recently graduated at the top of his class, intuitive, and is willing to learn from others.
For those who are interested, please send me your C.V. and showreel if possible.
The auditions will last only a few hours each day from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. So please bare that in mind.


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