In applying for this role the applicant must fulfil following criteria, otherwise will not be considered:
1. Must have experience in VO and have the ability and facilities to home-record a professional quality VO and send it via internet.
2. Please supply IN YOUR WRITTEN REPLY a link to an example of voice over work, recorded with your current recording setup and equipment.

I produce VR video content and am putting together a short 360 nature video and require a very short voice over using a simple script. Can only pay $50, as it is not a commercial project. But it will most likely end up on various VR apps and social media outlets. Also a definite possibility of future paid work, as I am sure to need more voice overs this year. I would send you the script online and require you to record it with your own facilities, preferably in some kind of voice booth with a decent quality microphone, and send it back to me online. I will process it (EQ, Compression etc), it just needs to be a noise free and good quality recording.

Male or Female welcome. Journalistic/documentary voice over style required.


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