~Looking for someone willing to travel to Philadelphia, Pa for auditions on February 20 or 21
~Must have some singing experience especially in duets
~Any genre is fine but I am used to pop, rock, country. I’m not used to rapping.
~Must be able to meetup for singing practices
~Please comment on one of my videos on my Youtube channel: Buns0lubs2singasong and type TVA so I know you are auditioning to become my singing partner. Please upload you singing a song on your Youtube channel with the title TVA Starnow so i know that’s what I’ll see to determine if I would like you as my partner, based on your singing voice. I dont do Starnow credits and videos since those cost money but if you have a Starnow account and have a video on your resume, then I will look at it once you complete this.
Know that by applying to this application that there in no guarantee of getting in.