Title: Singers Wanted for Les Miserables Full Cover Genderswap

That’s right. We’re going to cover the whole Les Miserables musical!

But here’s the twist: All roles will be genderswapped!


I can’t cast you if I don’t know if you can sing. It is highly, highly preferable that you upload an audition song. Requested audition songs are listed in the description for each character. People with audition songs are more likely to be casted. The audition must be on your profile. Don’t record it and say you will email auditions. I don’t accept emailed auditions. Just post the darn thing to make everyone’s lives easier.


1. For the love of mercy, I beg you to PLEASE be committed to the project! I’ve already lost half my actors and you have no idea how stressful that is.

2. For the sake of auditions, just sing the words as originally written. Changes will be made during the actual project.

3. All auditions MUST have an instrumental of the song requested.

4. It is preferable that you have some sort of musical background and can read sheet music, or at least be able to harmonize.

5. You must be okay with accepting a role you did not originally audition for, even if that means you’re a part of the chorus. More parts may be opening up before the deadline.

Above all, have fun! 😀

People casted will be notified by October 1st at the earliest. You will be expected to record your songs at home and then send them to me via email.
Will be posted to YouTube.


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