We’re a small advertising agency based in Italy.

We’re planning to shoot a mini advertising campaign in London in the first half of April – that will air only on the Internet – for a sex product that is not on the market yet. In fact, our project’s goal is to arouse people’s curiosity about it, to begin with.

The project consists of four small videos aiming at four different target of possible customers. All videos are basically “fake interviews” of about 30 seconds in which actors pretend to have tried the product and give their opinion/testimony.

Video 01: eterosexual multiracial young nice and good looking couple (25/30 yrs). Girl possibly asian.

Video 02: eterosexual aged couple (60 yrs), good looking and well dressed.

Video 03: eterosexual black good looking single guy, metrosexual (30/35 yrs)

Video 04: eterosexual modern good looking single girl, metrosexual (30/35 yrs)

Auditions might be conducted via Skype. If interested please leave your email address or send a message and we’ll get in touch asap.

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