Title: Southern BG Casting Currently looking for the following Background Types… Atlanta, GA
Date: 19 May 2017 8:12 pm

Southern BG Casting

what we are currently looking for:

Working Tuesday 5/23 inside Atlanta. ALL new faces ONLY so no one who has ever worked on Bad Moms or are booked in the future.

Looking for blue collar working class types but NOT over the top looks. Any ethnicity.

Ages 30-60. 5/23 Rate 88/10

Subject: Neighbor Carla

Need same types as above who also have bookable cars. Nothing super nice. Sedans types.

Years 2010-2014. NO red white or black. 5/23 rate 88/10 + 25 for car

Subject: CAR CARLA neighbor

Working on Saturday the 27th.

This will be a NIGHT all. ONLY new faces. Very featured. Need a Caucasian male and female. Ages 65-80.

Must look very snotty/Uppity.

This will be a photo select. Rate 88/10

Subject: Snotty neighbor

if you fit the above descriptions please submit your most current photo.

If you have a car please include the year make and model ,color.

Include your height and weight.

Your clothing sizes. As well as your phone number. In the subject line but the subject name listed above.

E-mail bm2inatl@gmail.com


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